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Here you can find unbiased reviews on various website hosting providers.
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Managed Web Hosting

A managed hosting is best suited for the large companies with a strong online presence.

It can be defined as an expanded dedicated hosting service where the web host will manage the dedicated server for you. The service has been described as ‘a glorified dedicated server armed with extended features and support’.

A Managed server is a dedicated server for one high resource account that take care of the setup, software installation, security monitoring, backups, and technical support that is needed to help you focus on growing your business.

It eliminates the headaches and support costs associated with having to run your own server. In case of a managed hosting the complex task of server administration is thus handled by the web host rather than by the company. In dedicated servers the web host generally offers a choice of the operating system, routing equipment, network connection etc. but in managed hosting the web hosts offer even more.
Managed servers are the right solution for any website that has outgrown a shared hosting account, needs dedicated resources, runs processor intensive scripting, requires customized software installations, and for those sites that want the added security of being the only ones accessing the server. In other words managed dedicated server solutions are targeted to those customers who need the performance, reliability and security benefits of a dedicated server but don’t want to face the day-to-day hassles associated with the server or other technical problems.

The advantages of managed hosting are:

1. Security
Today's fast-paced and competitive marketplace requires organizations to open their networks to all customers, suppliers, and business partners. This same openness, however, brings security risks that must be properly managed. This difficult task is delegated to the web host in case of managed hosting services.

2. Data Assurance
The web hosts provide daily back up of vital data that assures a secured and expandable data storage.
3. Server administration

The web hosts provide, maintains and monitors the server and related technical complexities. So the company doesn’t need to provide for expensive system administration resources.

4. Network management
The web hosts take the responsibility of the software, hardware and processes, but also the investments you've made in your own infrastructure.

5. Customer Support
You can expect premium customer support that is perfectly tailored to meet your managed environment and requirements. Customer Support staff of the service provider are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you contact them by phone, email, or live chat, you are directly connected to a knowledgeable and professional representative of the web host who can help you pinpoint, resolve, and prevent any issues from impacting your business

6. Flexible packages
Most web host companies keep their prices low by giving the clients’ the freedom and flexibility to choose the support plan that best fits their needs. Hence the companies get the opportunity to select the plan that meets their budgetary constraints.

7. Effective trouble shooting
As and when any problems related to hardware or software happens, the web hosts promptly and accurately diagnoses and cures the root of the problem. Hence it assures you of uninterrupted service that helps to run a successful business.

8. Constant Monitoring
Automated and human systems work simultaneously to monitor your server and network connection, preventing any issue from impacting your business.

9. Assurance of quality of equipments

Some web hosts provide high quality hardware from reputed manufacturers for managed hosting of clients to ensure reliability and compatibility with their application. The servers are generally provided with hardware-mirrored drives and base components that allow upgrades to the client’s server with minimal downtime and expense.

10. Regular upgrades

Hardware upgrades are handled by the web host service providers in case you provide some additional charges as specified in the contract terms and conditions. As your business grows you can afford to reconfigure or expand your growing needs.

In managed hosting the web hosts offers the customers a graphical user interface integrated with monitoring tools, control over their own domain name entries and operating systems. Hence a managed hosting service is a must for all large companies that have a huge web presence and an abundance of traffic. It ensures better risk management, control and flexibility, and a renewed focus on your core business strategy.

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