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Website Hosting Chat presents Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews
Here you can find unbiased reviews on various website hosting providers.
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Web Hosting Scams

A web hosting service provider when makes a promise without the intention of fulfilling it or don’t deliver what they promise at the time of signing up it amounts to web hosting scam.

Each and every day new web hosting companies are coming into existence. To ward off the stiff competition and to make come quick bucks, these companies spend a lot of false advertisements.

They lure the non assuming clients by cheap options, heavy discounts and once they realize the annual lump sum amount from the clients they flee to oblivion. Lack of personal contacts and anonymity with the customer is an added benefit for these quacks.

It is very easy to fall into a web hosting scam trap. Hence the following points should be carefully analyzed before choosing your web hosting service provider:

1. False advertising

This is the easiest way to fool people. Low priced packages with lots of added benefits lures people to go for them. They end up paying three months, six months or even one year’s payment in advance. It is important to check the authenticity of the advertisements and the logic behind them before taking a plunge.

2. Tempting through heavy discounts

Sometimes the web hosting companies advertise unimaginable discounts. These heavy discount offers tempts people to make payments in advance and fall into the trap of web hosting scams. It is recommended not to jump for these heavy discounts and end up making advance payment to wrong hosts.

3. Term Contracts

There are so many web host service providers available in the market today that there is absolutely no necessity to enter into a long or a lifetime term with any service provider. Even though we always look for a long association with service providers, still it is wise to judge the performance in the initial term before deciding on any long term commitment.

4. Host providers registering domain names

It is a service provided in the normal course of web hosting. But it is necessary to check that the web hosts have registered the domain in your name only. In case the domain name is registered in the name of the web host, you are caged for life. Your domain name provides your online identity and in case you change your web hosts later being dissatisfied of the services provided by them, in that case your domain name also will change. To avoid this deadly mistake make sure that your service provider has registered the domain in your name only.

5. Unlimited bandwidth

This is a myth. Since the web hosts have to pay for bandwidth it is not possible for them to offer you anything free for what they have to pay. In case they do so they will surely go out of business. Hence if any web host service provider offer you ‘unlimited bandwidth’ drop him. When web hosting providers offer "unlimited" bandwidth it means they’ve estimated how much usage their average customer could ever possibly need, thereby giving the illusion of unlimited bandwidth. They charge you later for bandwidth usage once you exceed the estimated limits. So it is recommended not to believe anyone who promises unlimited bandwidth.

6. 24 Hours back end service

In case your web service provider has promised a 24 hour support service, ensure that you are getting the same. It is important to check out yourselves by phone, mail or fax whether they really are providing service even at odd hours. There are various instances where phones are not picked up at the middle of the night. Hence get assured of the services and then sign up.

7. Free hosting

Some web portals definitely give 5 to 10 MB of free web space but subject to some conditions. They usually make money out of various banners that they publicize in your web site, provide unnecessary pop up advertisements in your pages or trade your personal details and information to many ‘opt in spammers’. Hence in order to maintain a level of dignity for your page you are recommended not to opt for free hosting as n reality nothing in this world come free.

8. Money back guarantee

Don’t sign up with any web host service provider who doesn’t give a money back guarantee. The probable reasons are they are certain that you will not be satisfied with their services or they intend to swindle money out of you.

9. Study the terms and conditions

The web host companies provide a long list of terms and conditions. The general view is that we read the initial pages and then even before going through the terms we just end up signing a deal with them. It is always recommended to study carefully the terms and conditions irrespective of the number of pages, analyze them, ensure that there are no hidden costs involved and then sign the agreement.

10. History of the web host

It is essential to collect the contact details, telephone numbers, addresses, tenure of the web host company before striking a deal with them. They should provide a list of their satisfied clientele who should be directly approached to take a feedback on the services provided by the host. It is wiser to go for a host who has previously worked with an acquaintance or a local one so that communication becomes convenient. Moreover the type of response received from the host in case of any difficulty should also be analyzed.

It is really very difficult to differentiate between facts and fiction in advertising but in today’s world of fierce competition it is necessary to keep your eyes open before believing in any advertisement. The increasing number of web service providers has made the competition so stiff that they can promise anything and everything in order to sign you up. Being informed helps to select the perfect web host to suit your needs.

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