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Whats with all the pink?

Submitted by Dave Redfern on Fri, 13/10/2006 - 8:54am. | read more

We have decided to go all pink for the month of October in aid of breast cancer research for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

As well as going all pink we have decided that any project we undergo from now till the end of the month we will donate 5% of what we receive from the client to breast cancer research and if you go pink too this rises to 10%.

I was looking around the web and what inspired me to go pink was this website - http://pinkforoctober.org/. I noticed that thousands of other sites are doing it so I thought, why not?

New Site Online!

Submitted by Dave Redfern on Thu, 28/09/2006 - 3:19pm. | read more

Hello and welcome to the new site, hope you like it! I have tried to design it in the web 2.0 style which for those not in the web circle is a new way to design sites allowing it to be easy to access and use. Along with that the template for this site is fully validated and the majority of pages are the site are also validated.

I have also decided to push the hosting side of thing a bit more and created its own sections along with new packages at the lowest price I have ever sold them. Check out the hosting pages for more information on any of that.