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Purchase a domain name

A domain name locates an organization or any other entity on the internet. It is the key to your website. Your online presence depends on the effectiveness of the domain name. You can purchase a domain name from many locations and in different ways. But it is important to carry out an extensive research to gather all relevant information before purchasing a domain name.

Purchase a domain name from Accredited Registrars

It is important to purchase domain name from an accredited domain name registrar. A domain name registrar is a company accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell internet domain names. The accredited registrars need to pay a fee to ICANN for the purchase of each domain name and then sells these names to various customers at varying prices.

Now-a-days leading ICANN accredited registrars offer online identity protection, Domain management including domain registration, e-mail, hosting and associated services while selling the domain name at competitive prices. Since services offered plays a large role in choosing an accredited registrar it is important to review the services offered. Not all of them provide the same services and it is recommended to purchase from the bigger registrars as they have the infrastructure to provide better services.

While selecting a registrar you should focus on both short term and long term needs. At the initial stage you might be looking for single domain name but as your business increases over time you might later require multiple domains. Hence a low cost one might seem good at the initial stages but they won’t be able to provide expert technical assistance later. A relevant question to ask the domain registrar is about the technical support provided by them and if satisfied then opt for buying domain name from him.

Purchase a domain name from domain resellers

Domain resellers are functioning under the accredited registrars and they sell on their behalf. They sell the products and services of the accredited registrars as their partner or business associate but are not directly accredited by ICANN. The domain resellers depend on the services of the accredited registrars and consequently they themselves are not in a position to render competent technical support to you when you buy domain name from them.

Moreover the domain resellers at times go away from business without even informing the domain name buyer. This creates a major problem as the domain name owner is not certain of the contact persons to be approached at times of need. Again the domain name owner remains at dark when the renewal time comes and his inability to get the renewal done on time might lead to cancellation or transfer of his domain name. To avoid these critical consequences it is always recommended to purchase domain name from accredited registrars.

Purchasing domain from web portals

At times the web portals like yahoo sells domains at reduced prices. The low cost offered by them lure to purchase from them without going through the terms and conditions but that is a terrible mistake to commit. This is because reviewing terms and conditions makes it clear that these web portals sell on behalf of other companies as they are not accredited registrars of ICANN.

Domain Protection

The accredited registrars give 30 days notice before expiration of term and make you aware that it is the time for renewal. Hence you are assured that you will never loose the domain name by default. Security and reliability of domains is assured when you purchase from accredited registrars as they allocate the domain to you till the period you are registered with. Domain protection is a valuable service and it should not be overlooked when you purchase domains.

Additional services

The registrars offer a host of services when you decide to buy domains. But careful evaluation of the necessity of these services has to be carried out before taking the final decision. Adequate control over domain allows the customer to choose web host. Hence if any company is providing web host services once you purchase domain from them, it is not wise to purchase from them as it should be your prerogative to choose the web host service provider. Domain registration with a particular registrar does not necessarily mean that you have to take all their services. It is your right to decide the services that you want from them. Domain registrar and web host service provider may be different persons chosen by you.

Avail private registration service

Private domain registration service is a must purchase from the domain registrar. By doing so your personal information is removed from the WHOIS database make ownership of your domain anonymous. This acts as a guard against domain hijacking and thereby secures your domain name.

Purchasing a domain name is a serious business as it has a long lasting effect on your business. Hence you should carefully analyze your needs and then decide on the company to purchase from after thorough investigation. It is also recommended to study and understand the terms and conditions and any queries should be properly sorted out at the initial stage to prevent arousal of any complications in the future.

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