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Website Hosting Chat presents Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews
Here you can find unbiased reviews on various website hosting providers.
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Move to a new web host

We help you in finding the best web host to match your needs. There are hundreds of web hosts available on the net, and the choice can be very confusing. Websitehostingchat is here to help you in finding a host as per your requirements. This site is free to use and we don't charge you any fees for finding a host through our website.

It is quite obvious that you contemplate a changeover of your web host only when you are not satisfied with their efficiency or the expertise offered. Once you are certain that your current host fails to suit your needs then you must decide to choose a better web host service provider and move on.

Most webmasters go for a change once their website is upgraded and becomes popular if the current web hosts cannot provide competent service or satisfactory technical support. Careful consideration of the following points will help in case of a web host switchover.

Locating a better prospect

It makes sense to switch over to a new host only when it offers better services than the existing one. It is important to evaluate existing services with the ones offered by the new host and after considering all pros and cons if it sounds better only then it is recommended to move on.

Storage Space

It is necessary to calculate the current storage space used and evaluate the future storage space required after taking into account any expansion plans. Also the units of storage space calculation have to be considered. It is recommended to move on only when the new host offers more storage space compared to the existing one.

Operating System

Individual website might not work in all operating systems. So it is necessary that the operating system on which the existing and new host works on must be similar. The reason being that the operating system at the first instance was decided on after careful considerations and staff competence of the company so switch over to a different operating system is not recommended. In case any automation tool is available with the new web host which makes transition easier then a change in operating system can also be contemplated.

Software Requirements

The software that is currently used by the company should also be retained unless and until it is decided to go for new software. Scripting a new software is again time consuming and not recommended.


Like the amount of storage you take up and the operating system being used, you should find out the amount of bandwidth you use from your current host, and check how much your new host supports. It is wise to study this carefully and make your new host explain “unlimited bandwidth” in case he suggests so. Actually there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth which you will realize once the bill is produced where extra charges are added on.


It is a very important consideration when switching over from one web host to another. It is the usual policy to answer all company mails within 24 hours which adds on to customer satisfaction. Hence, you cannot ignore the importance of receiving the mails in time and answering those also in time. Usually a lot of problems crop up once you change from existing server provided by existing host to anew server provided by the new host. Hence you should stop services of the existing server only when your e-mail system works perfectly with the new server and not a single mail is received at the old one.

Data Back up

Before you move it is important that you have your entire data with you. All the files should be properly archived at regular intervals which not only helps to avoid a missing valuable data in case of a system malfunction but also helps to retain the full-working integrity of your Web site when you move.

Superior service

Once you have archived your site, make arrangements to purchase your new hosting services. It is recommended that you make sure that you are getting far more than what you were previously getting from your web host and the new services should outweigh the flaws of the previous one otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to undergo the tedious process of changeover.

Before moving on you should check for yourself the support services provided by your new web host and the time taken by them for solving any technical problem that crops up. Always remember that you are changing the service provider only because you were not satisfied with the service hence it is important that you get what you were aiming at when you had decided to changeover for the better.
It typically takes about 1-2 weeks for the transfer to fully propagate around the Internet; so it is recommended that you keep your old site running as it is important to ensure smooth functioning during transition. Once a week or two have elapsed, you can cancel the account with your previous hosting company when you are assured of uninterrupted operation of your website after transition.

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Website Hosting Chat provides you latest tips and guides on web hosting industry. Here not only you can read host reviews but can also compare web hosting companies packages as well.

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