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Here you can find unbiased reviews on various website hosting providers.
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Customer Support

Each and every concern irrespective of its size emphasizes on after sales service as that is the key to retain customers for future sales. Moreover, a satisfied customer is an advertisement by himself as when he speaks to potential customers it has a better impact on them. A survey conducted by Xerox showed that an existing satisfied customer is 5 times more likely to purchase other products from the company than new customer. Hence customer satisfaction is the key of marketing today.

Most of the organizations now-a-days provide customer support 24x7. This type of facility is highly appreciated in the changing business scenario and has become possible only because working hours now differs from the conventional 9 to 5 routine.

Having a toll free number has become the trend and every company seems to have one. Besides customers also expect services to be free of cost and hence having a toll free number is a suitable option. Toll free number can be utilized for pre sales activity as well. The customers can get all the relevant information about the product before purchase and that too free of cost. Basic after sales service can be provided via a toll free number which can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

Some companies only provide the basic after sales service via a toll free number. Higher level services are also given but the customer is charged for the same. The service provided on these chargeable calls is more specialized. The person who answers the call identifies the problem and at times engineers personally visit to resolve any difficult problems.

Another option to provide customer support now-a- days is via e-mail. The organizations make sure that mails are answered within 24 hours of receiving the same. This means care is being taken to see that no mail remains unanswered as well as the customer gets an instant reply so that he feels that his queries are being addressed. The customer is pleased to find that the company genuinely wants to sort out his individual problem or that the company takes pains to solve even a minute problem faced by him.

Customer queries are varied and deal with various problems which are either of basic nature or of technical nature. The customer queries can be divided into three categories as follows:
• General – Related to product features and general enquiry
• Technical – Related to technicalities of the product
• Complex problems – Only a specialist can answer to those queries and professionals are needed to sort out these complicated inquiries.

Basic support is free of charge and available 24/7 via phone, e-mail and at times a comprehensive library of documentation is also available.

Some web host companies also offer advanced technical support services for particularly complex operations at an hourly rate basis. Such work includes (but is not limited to):
Advanced configuration of server
Installation of software that does not come as standard with the server package

Custom backup scripts
Mail server configuration

Companies make sure that call centre executives are well trained and that they undergo rigorous training on the product, technical specifications as well as other relevant details. Moreover they need to be constantly alert of all the up gradations on the product and all the new models that are being introduced by the company. Additionally being aware of the competitors and their products is always an added advantage.

Customer Delight is the company delight and at times feedback mechanisms are also introduced wherein the companies try to see how satisfactorily they have sorted out customer problems. This also makes way for further improvements that can be introduced subsequently in improving services.

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