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Website Hosting Chat presents Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews
Here you can find unbiased reviews on various website hosting providers.
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BlueHost Review: The Right Host for You

BlueHost’s Unlimited Disk Space Will Take the Wind out of Your Sails

If you are looking for a web host that offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, BlueHost is the one for you. Not only this, they also offer their subscribers more than 1000 ftp accounts and over 2500 email accounts. It sure sounds incredible, but it is true. Apart from this, you can add or park as many domains as you want or have sub domains if you want to at affordable prices.

Why You Should Choose BlueHost?

The answer is quite obvious-for the sake of high quality services that they provide and the exceptional features that go with their hosting plans, which, too are nominally priced.
Just like a standard web host, they offer their members access to facilities including cPanel, multiple database-support, FTP and email.

Their hosting plans are tailored in such a way so that they do not pose a burden on the subscriber’s pocket and give them good value for their money. One can purchase hosting or just $5.95/month and also inlcudes free domain name for life.

For a six months plan, one would have to spend not more than $ 8.95 per month apart from the usual set up fees of $ 30.00 and a Domain worth $10.00. Their twelve months plan is even cheaper as it costs not more than $ 6 per month. This plan does not require a setup fee, and has a free domain included.

Terms of Service does not believe in embarrassing its customers with intense legal mumbo jumbo. Their terms of service are quite simple and comprehensible. The company also warns beforehand of keeping a watchful eye on its subscribers and forewarns them to expect action in case of any act of omission. Its cPanel is fast and the company has access to the latest versions of various scripts.

Wonderful Script Installation
Thanks to their access to the latest technologies, subscribers can access various scripts with ease. BlueHost only allows a subscriber to have access to SSH/Shell Access after they provide them with basic documents as driver’s license and passport. The company keeps its services updated when it comes to software updates and other issues.

BlueHost Support has a wonderful support system. Their staff is abreast with the latest technological developments in the company and is smart enough to offer on the spot solutions to customers dilemmas. They are prompt in their responses even where queries by email are concerned.

While downtimes are virtually negligible with BlueHost, yet they offer the subscribers the facility for sever alerts. If you want to know when the server would be down, you can activate the alert by going into your cPanel and clicking on server status button. The service is free for the members.

Sundar’s experience…
I am a member of for almost six months now and am very happy with their services. However, when I joined them, I was quite apprehensive as my experience with previous service providers had plunged my business into doldrums. I had approached BlueHost at the behest of a friend, who had assured me of their quality services. Now I can see that he was right. BlueHost is certainly a good host. Their best feature is the unlimited bandwidth and disk space that they offer. I expect that they would certainly go a long way as far as business is concerned.

Joan Speaks…
My association with BlueHost spans almost three months and till now I have never faced any trouble. However, just a few days ago, I wanted to know if the website supported mod_rewrite and security systems. I called up the support and posed the query expecting that they would buy time to give me an answer. I asked them a few other questions about the system and was surprised when they answered each one of them there and then. This has enhanced my faith in their services.


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